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Environmental Remediation Management is an Industrial Services Contractor with a General Engineering license and a Hazardous Waste Endorsement issued by the State of California and is based in San Diego, California. While most of our work is in the Southern California area (Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County and San Diego County) our work also extends outside of California into Arizona and Nevada.

At Environmental Remediation Management we have provided long term relationships with our clients by providing cost effective and resource effective solutions that are in our clients best interests.

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Environmental Remediation Management provides a wide range of hydroblasting, chemical decontamination, site remediation, industrial cleaning, and hazardous waste management services. Environmental Remediation Management can manage complex projects in an economical and environmentally sound manner, mimimizing down-times and other problems related to equipment decontamination, building renovations, or other remedation or upgrade needs that facilities may have. Environmental Remediation Management will ensure all work is timely, conducted by highly trained personnel, and completely meets safety and environmental health regulations.

The President of Environmental Remediation Management is George Donley, who has over 30 years of experience encompassing many aspects of site remediation, industrial cleaning, and other projects in which environmental and safety matters are significant. Mr. Donley personally manages all projects, and regularly interacts with clients to insure concerns and requests are quickly addressed.

"I have been in this business since 1979, and still enjoy the work I do," says Donley. "To clean a site or area so that it exceeds state, federal, or local environmental requirements, and doing it in a cost-effective way that addresses client concerns, is a challenge. But I relish this type of challenge, as success means everyone is better-off -- clients, thier neighbors, and overall environment".

Environmental Remediation Management
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