Metropolitain Water District
PROJECT NAME: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California-Pump Station Oil Filled Circuit Breaker Disposal
CLIENT: Southern Contracting Company
CONTRACT AMOUNT: $500,000.00


Metropolitan Water District of Southern California contracted with Southern Contracting Company to remove and replace 230kV and 69kV oil circuit breakers during two 21 day outages. Environmental Remediation Management was the selected team member to perform environmental services and demolition. The aqueduct is 272 miles long and consisted of five pump stations, Intake, Gene, Iron Mountain, Eagle Mountain and Hinds.

Environmental Remediation Management removed 3 sets of 69Kv circuit breakers at the Intake Pumping facility from the top of the mountain to ground level. This was accomplished by draining PCB contaminated oil from switches on the mountain into drums at ground level. To accommodate the load capacity of the crane, Environmental Remediation Management torch cut the switch gear into managable pieces. Maxim Crane provided a 500 ton crane with 284,000 pounds of counter weight. The crane reached 284 feet horizontally and 120 feet vertically to pick up a maximum of 4,000 pounds of circuit breaker pieces per pick.

The remaining pump stations required pumping, transportation and disposal of 6,000 gallons of oil from six separate circuit breakers at each facility. After oil was drained, Environmental Remediation Management cut the circuit breakers from mounting brackets and disassembled them for removal by a 50,000 pound rated forklift operated by Environmental Remediation Management.

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