PROJECT NAME: Middletown
Lindbergh Field
CLIENT: Brown & Caldwell
CONTRACT AMOUNT: $900,000.00


Environmental Remediation Management was contracted by Brown & Caldwell to decontaminate storm drains containing PCBs. The work included isolation of the storm drain system by inflatable plugs at each end and installation of an automated pump bypass system. Once the storm drains were isolated, Environmental Remediation Management hydroblasted the entire circumference of the pipeline using a centralizer and swivel, set to rotate at an efficient RPM to control the rate of surface cleaning. A high velocity vacuum truck collected the water, sediment and contaminated wastes. The waste water, sediment and contaminated waste was processed through a waste treatment system to remove contaminates from the water. Sediment was stockpiled, sampled, and analyzed for disposal. The water was disposed of at a local municipality. Environmental Remediation Management provided transportation and disposal of the sediment.

Milestones accomplished:

  • Decontaminated 750 feet of 54” diameter storm drain piping
  • Decontaminated 2,700 feet of 60” diameter of storm drain piping
  • Decontaminated 4,800 feet of 4" to 24" diameter conveyance storm drain piping
  • 220 tons of contaminated sediment removed from storm drains and transported to an off site disposal facility

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