ST Microelectronics
PROJECT NAME: ST Microelectronics
Rancho Bernardo Facility Decontamination
CLIENT: DPR Construction
COMPLIANCE MANAGER: Advanced Chemical Safety
CONTRACT AMOUNT: $430,000.00


Environmental Remediation Management was contracted to decontaminate and dismantle ST Microelectronic's micro-processor manufacturing facility. ERM’s work included removal of all chemical processes and conveyance systems. This project highlights Environmental Remediation Management's abilities to partner with safety and environmental professionals for complex work that involves chemical hazards and regulatory compliance concerns.

During this project,Environmental Remediation Management decontaminated process systems that contained the following chemicals:

  • Arsenic
  • Cyanide
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Solvents
  • Inert gases
  • Pyrophoric gases
  • Various heavy metals

These process systems still had much chemical residue. After decontamination was complete, equipment of resale value was sold. The remaining equipment was scrapped as non-hazardous waste. Therefore, hazardous waste disposal was a minimal portion of the projects overall costs. Environmental Remediation Management worked closely with Advanced Chemical Safety to address chemical hazard and regulatory compliance issues.

Advanced Chemical Safety was retained by ST Mircoelectronics, Inc. to provide technical guidance to plant closure activity and to certify that the plant site was safe and free of undisclosed hazards at the time of the plant's closure. Advanced Chemical Safety developed a detailed Site Closure Plan; Environmental Remediation Management was then commissioned to implement the closure activity.

While the complete site was evaluated to gauge clean-up requirements, major focal points of decontamation efforts were the production-related areas and the Industrial Water Pad. The lack of local, state, or federal guidance criteria for decommissioning a facilty (in regards to the level of chemical residue) means that the owners of facilities undergoing closure must establish reasonable criteria. Advanced Chemical Safety set these criteria for the ST Microelectronics site, which ensured that the facility was free of chemical residues to the lowest, realistically achievable level. Environmental Remediation Management exceeded those standards. The site was certified free of hazardous materials and all chemical residues were reduced to below the established criteria level.

As the decommissioning work progresssed, ST Microelectonics managers decided to remove all of the building equipment, except those items needed to maintain the interior conditions. This increased the scope of the certification project, but ultimately rendered all locations free of contaminants. Despite the change in plans, the project was completed on-time and on-budget.

As shown above, Environmental Remediation Management provides a wide range of services that can address complex sites that are chemically contaminated. Environmental Remediation Management can manage complex projects in an economical and environmentally sound manner, mimimizing down-times and other problems related to equipment decontamination, building renovations, or other remediation or upgrade needs that facilities may have. Environmental Remediation Management will ensure all work is timely, conducted by highly trained personnel, and completely meets safety and environmental health regulations.

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