Tow Basin
CLIENT: Port of San Diego
CONTRACT AMOUNT: $150,000.00


The San Diego Port Authority contracted with an environmental contractor to remove 68,000 square feet of PCB containing paint. Environmental Remediation Management was selected by the environmental contractor to do the toughest part of the project, remove all PCB containing paint from the ceiling of the facility.

Environmental Remediation Management’s scope of work included setting up a rolling scaffold with a water recovery system to divert and capture paint, concrete sludge and water. Because of irregular surfaces Environmental Remediation Management was required to use guns with rotating nozzles. This process is the least favorite for any hydroblasting contractor but is the only method that is effective enough to achieve Department of Toxic Subsistance (DTSC) decontamination requirements.

When Environmental Remediation Management completed hydroblasting the ceiling, samples were taken and confirmed PCB decontamination was satisfactory. The building was demolished and disposed of at a local landfill as non-hazardous saving the client in disposal costs.

Environmental Remediation Management can readily address PCB-contamination concerns as well as a wide variety of other hazardous material needs.

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