Environmental Remediation Management has the capability of providing an array of Hazardous Waste Services

That properly and safety handle the waste streams generated from a variety of businesses and remediation projects. These services include turnkey waste handling from generator to disposal site.



Environmental Remediation Management knowledge and experience with waste packaging and disposal requirements provides business managers and site owners multiple economical and environmentally protective options and ensures reduced liability issues. 

Environmental Remediation Management Hazardous Waste Services include (but are not limited to)

  • Assessment
  • Packaging
  • Transportation Management
  • Sampling
  • Disposal Alternatives
  • Disposal
  • Profiling
  • Manifesting

Environmental Remediation Management has many years of experience working with large quantity hazardous waste generators, who need to store and dispose of drum-stored waste. 

 The complete service package developed for the generator is based on the businesses individual needs (i.e., the type of waste stored, the amount of waste collected, the permitting status of a site).

Environmental Remediation Management can arrange technicians to collect, package, segregate, sample, consolidate, label, and manifest the waste.

The technicians will also coordinate the drum shipments to disposal sites that have been selected by the generator. Alternatively, Environmental Remediation Management will provide waste generators with selection of disposal options.


Environmental Remediation Management has provided clients a vast selection of Hazardous Waste Services that properly address local, state, and federal hazardous waste regulations and the associated compliance requirements.

Environmental Remediation Management is able assist businesses in San Diego. Diego, San Diego County, and the greater Southern California area (Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Ventura Counties) with their Hazardous Waste management needs. Environmental Remediation Management also serves facilities in Arizona and Nevada.