Environmental Remediation Management is one of the most experienced hydroblasting service providers in the greater San Diego and Southern California areas. 

Environmental Remediation Management offers conventional and technologically advanced hydroblasting services, which provides cost-effective and environmentally-responsive alternatives to traditional sand-blasting protocol.


The process of hydroblasting utilizes 6,000 to 40,000 PSI water pressure to clean surfaces, cut through steel, remove or profile concrete and other materials. The water can be contained during the hydroblasting process and collected for later reclamation and purification. Hydroblasting has many practical applications.

Industrial Cleaning

  • Environmental Remediation Management has extensive experience in the decontamination of a wide array of equipment, building-types, and industrial units (e.g., pipes, containment systems, exhaust units, tanks, chemical hoods and benches). Hydroblasting techniques can be scaled to address a variety of equipment shapes and sizes, and can be set-up to minimize potential environmental contamination issues.

Paint and Coating Removal


  • Environmental Remediation Management uses 40,000 PSI hydroblasting for cost-effective and environmentally sound paint and coating removal projects. Paint and coatings can be readily removed, without the use of potentially toxic or flammable paint thinners. Additionally, hydroblasting processes leave clean-surfaces, already prepared for the application of new materials -- and this can speed up the completion of renovation and remodeling projects.

Surface Preparation

  • Environmental Remediation Management 's use of hydroblasting techniques for surface preparation leave clean and suitably rough surfaces so that strong concrete bonds can be formed. The 40,000 PSI hydroblasting techniques used by Environmental Remediation Management ensure that the structure to be coated is not damaged, and that any reinforcing steel remains intact and will not loosen its bond with concrete. Furthermore, the surfaces that remain post-hydroblasting are excellent for the formation new mechanical bonds.

Steel and Metal Cutting

  • Environmental Remediation Management's water-jet cutting process has significant advantages over other methods: It cuts cleanly (without burrs or warping); it leaves a smooth edge without dust, noise, and heat than generated during other types of metal-cutting processes; it does not raise temperatures significantly avoiding thermal distortion and changes in metallurgy; and, it can be tailored to cut a variety of materials and a wide array of shapes. Additionally, as metal-cutting with high-pressure water is spark-free, this process can be adapted for use where hot work is prohibited.


  • Environmental Remediation Management's method of Hydrodemolition offers many benefits: Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) or (40,000PSI) can be used to remove deteriorated concrete only; rebar is not affected by water and cleaned of rust; and, UHP provides a clean, well-profiled surface ready for a new overlay bond.



Conventional processes for concrete demolition means that the deteriorated surface below the reinforcing bars must be removed, so that new concrete can be placed around the existing rebar. Traditional removal methods (e.g., saws, jackhammers) are often costly and time-consuming, and can have significant drawbacks, such as:

  • Removing good concrete is removed with the bad.
  • Damaging rebar with mechanical impacts.
  • Creating microscopic fractures in structurally sound concrete, weakening it.
  • Generating copious dust and irritating (and potentially ear-damaging noise).
  • Leaving poor bonding surfaces for the pouring of new concrete.
  • Environmental Remediation Management can set-up effective hydrodemolition operations that:
  • Reduce dust and noise.
  • Create superior bonding surfaces
  • Avoid micro-fractures and other structural damage.
  • Selectively removes bad concrete.
  • Leaves rebar clean and descaled without special, additional steps
  • Enhances the speed and effectiveness of preparation and repairs operations.

Environmental Remediation Management is able to adopt current hydro-technologies to a client's unique situations.


The staff can readily develop site-specific protocol, adjusting water pressure and flow rates to most effectively and thoroughly clean surfaces and process equipment in a timely and safe manner. Environmental Remediation Management can handle operations in difficult-to-access areas, while minimizing exposures and spray-over to operators and surrounding areas.

Environmental Remediation Management can prepare hydroblasting programs to meet a wide variety of client needs. The company is positioned to arrange hydroblasting operations in San Diego, San Diego County, and the greater Southern California area (Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties). Environmental Remediation Management also provides services to facilities in Arizona and Nevada.

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