Environmental Remediation Management utilizes specialized equipment and highly trained personnel, who are extremely attentive to safety issues and environmental concerns.

Environmental Remediation Management provides turnkey site remediation services that are available throughout San Diego and Southern California.Environmental Remediation Management site remediation services include hydroblasting, contaminated soil removal, industrial decontamination, extraction of underground storage tanks, chemical packaging and shipping, and fully documented project reports.

The following lists chemical decontamination and site remediation equipment that Environmental Remediation Management can readily access for its operations:

  • Pressure Washer

  • Pumping Systems

  • Confined Space Equipment

  • Steam Cleaners

  • Hydroblasters

  • Excavators

  • Wheel Loaders

  • Backhoes


Environmental Remediation Management reviews each Chemical Decontamination and Site Remediation situation meticulously.

The equipment and tools are selected based on the needs of the situation. For example, Environmental Remediation Management is well experienced with the set-up of Hydroblasting operations, and can include these procedures in effective remediation plans.


Safety is a key focus of any site plan that Environmental Remediation Management develops


The health and physical hazards associated with the contaminants, the equipment, and the location will be completely analyzed by Environmental Remediation Management staff, who then select the protocol, personal protection, personnel, and materials that are the best fit for a timely, cost efficient, and environmentally smart solution to the unique project challenges. Any waste generated during decontamination and remediation activities will be properly containerized, labeled, packaged, and transported to qualified and permitted Treatment/Storage/Disposal facilities in full compliance with state and federal hazardous waste management regulations.

The type of Chemical Decontamination and Site Remediation services offered by Environmental Remediation Management include (but are not limited to):

  • Facility Closure
  • Equipment Decontamination, Disassembly, and Removal
  • Industrial Process Decommissioning and Decontamination
  • Underground or Above ground Storage Tank Decontamination and Removal
  • PCB-Containing Equipment or Contaminate Packaging, Transport, and Disposal


Environmental Remediation Management can readily handle a multitude of Chemical Decontamination and Site Remediation tasks.

The company is able to set-up and support Chemical Decontamination operations and Site Remediation operations in San Diego, San Diego County, and the greater Southern California area (Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Ventura Counties). Environmental Remediation Management also serves facilities in Arizona and Nevada.