General Dynamics
Convair Division 

As a team member, Environmental Remediation Management's management attended weekly progress and schedule meetings between GD and ICF KE's project team. Performance of each team contractor was rated by GD during the course of the project. Environmental Remediation Management consistently received an excellent rating.

ICF KAISER ENGINEERS GROUP                                                            GENERAL DYNAMICS - CONVAIR DEMOLITION PROJECT ICF Kaiser Engineers, Inc

I worked closely with Environmental Remediation Management's management and would rate their project contribution as excellent. Environmental Remediation Management's management and staff worked extremely well with us and were a critical member of our team. ERM displayed the expertise and ability necessary to successfully complete their scope of work in an efficient and thorough manner. They completed their work on time and were extremely cost effective, including change order work.

Environmental Remediation Management adhered to the costs presented in their bid package and were extremely cost effective and fair in pricing and conducting change order work that arose during project performance. When previously undiscovered site conditions were encountered, Environmental Remediation Management responded well to address each situation as required. In this matter, Environmental Remediation Management greatly contributed to the overall cost containment of the project.