Environmental Remediation Management is the leader in Industrial Cleaning, Hydroblasting and Environmental Services industries. 

At Environmental Remediation Management, we pride ourselves on offering a broad range of services with more than 30 years of experience to provide our clients with successful results.


Environmental Remediation Management is one of the most experienced hydroblasting service providers in the greater San Diego and Southern California areas. Environmental Remediation Management offers conventional and technologically advanced hydroblasting services, which provides cost-effective and environmentally-responsive alternatives to traditional sand-blasting protocol.


chemical decontamination/soil remediation

The health and physical hazards associated with the contaminants, the equipment, and the location will be completely analyzed by Environmental Remediation Management staff, who then select the protocol, personal protection, personnel, and materials that are the best fit for a timely, cost efficient, and environmentally smart solution to the unique project challenges.


industrial cleaning

Environmental Remediation Management offers an array of expert, economical, and environmentally-astute industrial cleaning and decontamination services. Environmental Remediation Managementtailors each cleaning process and decontamination method to the types of materials to be removed, the items or areas that willl be cleaned, the environmental concerns associated with the project, and the scale of the overall operation.

hazardous waste services

Environmental Remediation Management has the capability of providing an array of Hazardous Waste Services.That properly and safety handle the waste streams generated from a variety of businesses and remediation projects. These services include turnkey waste handling from generator to disposal site.